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Venue of The Month: Peak

Venue of The Month: Peak

For this installment of our “Venue of the Month” series, we are highlighting one of our exclusive venues, Peak.

Helmed by Executive Chef Rose Noel and designed by renowned architect David Rockwell, Peak is an exciting addition to NYC's vibrant restaurant scene. With its elevated menus, warm hospitality, impressive views of the city, dramatic design, timeless elegance, and notable art, Peak promises an exceptional dining experience. But did you know that Peak is also an outstanding venue for hosting remarkable events? Let's delve into the event capabilities of this extraordinary space.

At Peak, you’ll discover a variety of event spaces designed to accommodate gatherings of different sizes and styles. The crown jewel is the striking 3,500-square-foot glass-enclosed event space facing North.. The room boasts a vaulted, fabric ceiling adorned with stunning circular chandeliers, creating an atmosphere of grandeur and sophistication. With a standing capacity of 250 and a seated capacity of 200, this space can host memorable events that leave a lasting impression. In addition to the main event space, Peak offers the option to add on the Peak Restaurant, an exquisite culinary destination in its own right. With an additional standing capacity of 250 and a seated capacity of 120, the restaurant complements the event space perfectly. Please note that the Peak Restaurant is available exclusively as an add-on to the event space and cannot be rented separately.


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