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We know that everyone loves a good Aperol Spritz or a glass of Rosé when the weather is so hot out. However, our award-winning Beverage Director, Zach Kameron, is here to give some tips for those of us who still fancy a red wine, even in the heat!


The dining go to option for the summer poses some challenges when it comes to pairing, the least of which is the temperature outside.  Traditionally pairing a red with grilled meats would be easy, but the ambient temperature outside makes drinking fuller styled reds a challenge.  What I recommend is going with a more luscious medium bodied red that you can give a slight chill. People often forget that the term “room temperature” is referring to around 60 degrees, so wine should be served what most would consider chilled.  Grab a bottle of Giacomo Borgogno Langhe Friesa and put it in the fridge for 45 minutes before you serve.  Its rich complexion and mild tannins pair beautifully with everything from burgers to birds.

Giacomo Borgogno Langhe Friesa


We all get together in the summer to share some light bites as the lights go down.  A charcuterie board has become so much more than just a bit of meat and cheese.  Today, we’re lucky to be treated to preserved fruits, spreads, nuts and pickled veggies galore. What this means is you have a lot of different flavors and acid levels to contend with. Beyond that they are also lighter bites which don’t necessitate a hugely structured wine.  For this look no further than the Italian stalwart Lambrusco, I love the style that Cleto Chiarli puts out. Its fruit forward and fresh but has a great backbone of earthiness and spice.  Also never miss an opportunity to share a new style of wine with friends!


Most people ignore reds in the summer as they believe they are too heavy, but there are so many interesting wines out there in the world that come in so many different styles.  One red I always have in my cellar is Lioco “Indica” Carignan. A fleshy, bright and lean expression of this typically heavier varietal shines with life and vivacity as it is drunk.  A red that can stay with meat or drink on its own.

Lioco “Indica” Carignan