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Elevate Your Summer Sips with A Hugo Spritz

Elevate Your Summer Sips with A Hugo Spritz

Get ready to level up your summer sipping with the ever-trendy Hugo Spritz! This captivating cocktail will make a lasting impression at your gatherings. Discover the secret behind this refreshing sensation and embrace the ultimate summer vibes. The Events by RHC cocktail team loves serving this crowd favorite at events of all kinds.

The Hugo Spritz: Simply Irresistible:
Sparkling Prosecco, elderflower liqueur, and a splash of soda—these three ingredients come together in perfect harmony to create the irresistible Hugo Spritz. Effervescent and sophisticated, it’s the epitome of summer cool.

Assembly Made Chic:
Creating your Hugo Spritz is a breeze. Fill a glass with ice, pour in the Prosecco, add the elderflower liqueur, and top it off with a splash of soda. Stylish simplicity at its finest

Garnishes—Delicate Delights:
Take your Hugo Spritz up a notch with trendy garnishes. Add fresh mint leaves for a pop of color and invigorating aroma. Toss in a slice of zesty lemon for a tangy twist. Feeling adventurous? Elevate it further with sliced strawberries for a burst of fruity indulgence.

Unleash the Summer Vibes:
Stir, sip, and immerse yourself in the ultimate summer vibes. The Hugo Spritz transports you to sun-soaked terraces and carefree moments. Whether it’s a rooftop bash or a casual get-together, this trendy sip ensures your summer is elevated.


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