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Celebrating Earth Month: Your guide to eco-conscious event planning

Whether you're orchestrating a grand corporate gala or arranging a cozy family dinner, you've likely encountered the challenge of wanting to make your events more sustainable. Fortunately, making your events eco-friendly is not as daunting as it may seem. This Earth Month, let's shift the perspective and see sustainability as an accessible and integral part of event planning. By sharing our journey and practical tips, we aim to empower you to host celebrations that are not only memorable but also kind to our planet.

Lessons from our ESG strategy

At Events by RHC, sustainability is more than a buzzword; it’s a principle embedded in our operations and ethos. Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy provides a comprehensive framework that underscores our commitment to the environment. While we continuously evolve and commit to improvement, we believe that sharing our learnings can inspire and guide others in their efforts to host sustainable events. Drawing from our strategy, here are some insights that could guide the eco-conscious planning of your events:

You can reduce the environmental impact of your events by choosing local suppliers. This not only decreases transportation emissions but also benefits local economies, creating a ripple effect of sustainability.

Careful planning of meal portions and menus can significantly reduce food waste at events. Establishing connections with local charities or community organizations allows for the donation of excess food, transforming potential waste into valuable resources for those in need. 

Focus on sustainable procurement by selecting products and services that meet environmental and social standards. This practice ensures that every aspect of your event, from menu to decorations, contributes positively to sustainability goals.

Beyond the Strategy: Embracing sustainable event practices

Sustainability in event planning is a multifaceted pursuit that extends beyond organizational policies. It’s about making conscious choices that align with the principles of environmental stewardship. Here are more ways you can integrate sustainable practices into your events:

In an era where digital technology is everywhere, opting for digital invitations and online event materials can significantly reduce paper waste and the carbon footprint associated with traditional printing and mailing.

Venues that utilize renewable energy sources or that are recognized for sustainable operations can drastically reduce the environmental impact of your event. These spaces often incorporate energy-efficient lighting and recycling programs, aligning with broader sustainability goals.

Food is a central element of any event, and sustainable catering options can make a significant difference. Choose a responsible caterer who prioritizes sustainability, sourcing ingredients locally and offering organic, plant-based options. If you’re designing your own menu, emphasize seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, and consider the environmental impact of each dish, aiming for minimal waste and maximum flavor.

Encouraging guests to use public transportation, carpool, or providing shuttle services can minimize the emissions associated with travel to and from your event.

Celebrating our commitment to sustainability

As we share these insights and tips, we also reflect on our own sustainability journey at Events by RHC. Our partnership with Rethink Food is just one of the many steps we’ve taken towards being a more sustainable and inclusive business. 

Since the beginning of our partnership with this organization, which transforms food into nutritious meals for communities across NYC, we’ve donated over 7,330 lbs. of food. This contribution adds to the more than 23.6 million meals served by Rethink Food. The partnership underscores our dedication to nourishing communities, reducing waste, and fostering a sustainable food system.

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This Earth Month, let’s commit to not just planning events but to planning them sustainably, leaving a positive mark on our planet. At Events by RHC, we’re dedicated to helping you create events that are not only memorable but also meaningful, contributing to a sustainable future for all.

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