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Events By RHC prides itself on the relationships we build within the industry. In our blog series, “In The Biz” we get the opportunity to sit down with our industry partners and get the inside scoop on the latest trends, as well as their history in the business. Total Entertainment is a full-service entertainment company. From corporate meetings to social milestones like weddings, mitzvahs, anniversaries, and birthday celebrations, they develop event concepts as unique as the people they are celebrating. We had the honor of sitting down with Marc Jason, Founder and Director of New Business Development of Total Entertainment.

Events by RHC: Hi Marc! Thanks so much for sitting down with us. Let’s start simple. Tell us about your journey into the events industry and how you got started.

Marc Jason Total Entertainment: 30 Years and counting! I have always loved music. I started DJing in college to make extra money and meet people at fraternity and sorority parties.I graduated and the first NYC icon was an introduction to Harriette Rose Katz. She thought I was humble and hungry and she said, “ I better have some hustle!” The rest is described like the song says, “Only In New York!”

RHC: In your experience, what role does food play in the success/vibe of an event?

TE: We are living in an Instagram world. The combination of great food, unique serving techniques, amazing kiosks, and branding all come together and people say WOW. Next, the phones come out and everything is living in an insta-world.

RHC: How do you encourage clients to take advantage of trends? Is there a certain formula for a DJ that creates the perfect POW?

TE: Most clients are already riding the music trends. They live in a Spotify meets TikTok world and music is part of their DNA. Our job is to ensure we are WATCHING these trends and we can communicate back to them that we understand their desired style and live and breathe in the same world. Another example is that a lot of our clients spend their summers traveling to Europe and their winters in the Caribbean (St. Barths). They always come back saying they love the music and were dancing on tables at restaurants. It is our job as a company to know this music and to be able to recreate it at their parties.

RHC: What is your favorite part of the planning process?

TE: The end of the party when the client gives you a hug, high five, and says it was great great great!  The planning process – oye – a lot of emails and texts, and I am a (1) finger typer.

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RHC: What are some qualities of a dream client? What kinds of people do you like working with?

TE: People who are excited to develop new ideas and implement them at their party. Fast decisions and the ability to apply a budget that reflects their expectations. It is difficult in this industry to build custom productions without a proper budget. It Is important as we make decisions to say together, “Is it a need or a want?”

RHC: Do you think there are elements that can make or break a party? If so, what?

TE: There is a science to every party, and proper planning decisions give us a better chance at success.  For example, the location of the music and dance floor, the location of bars, proper AC, proper lighting, and proper timing – not too long of an event.

RHC: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

TE: My father said, “Sales is the lifeline of every business.” He was basically saying in my early days, “Get your ass outside, meet people, and tell your story.”

RHC: Who were some of your inspirations/mentors in the events industry?

TE: Harriette Rose Katz. What a woman. Over the years, I have met a few production gurus and it amazes me how good they are with logistics, rigging, and the flow.  Lastly, I always get excited meeting new young college graduates and seeing their skills and hustle. They are the new diamonds in the rough!

RHC: Do you have a favorite event you’ve ever worked on?

TE: We booked Billy Joel for a birthday party. Loved that. 

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