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For this month’s installment of “In The Biz” we sat with Jen Gould, Founder and Creative Director of Jen Gould Event Design. We have had the pleasure of partnering with Jen and her team on many stunning events, specifically at our exclusive venue Peak.

Events by RHC: Hi Jen, thank you so much for joining us today.

Jen Gould: So happy to be here, thank you for having me.

Events by RHC: How long have you been in the events industry? What was the journey of entering the industry?

Jen Gould: I started in the industry about 20 years ago…Prior to joining my mother in business, I had a design studio in New York City that specialized in 3D animation, multi-media, and graphic design. While my mother simultaneously had a fabulous event design company that she started when I was 7 years old. I always knew that I wanted to build my business in design, however I never planned to do events as I grew up around it and wanted to pursue a different avenue of design. As time went by, we realized how impactful the synergy was between my design background and my mother’s business, so with this we decided to join forces. We spent many wonderful years working together before my mother retired, and now I’ve rebranded the business with a major focus on custom design fabrication and production.

Events by RHC: That is so lovely, and we know your mom is such a creative genius in her own right, she must be so proud and excited to watch you soar. Now, what role does food play in the success/vibe of an event?

Jen Gould: Food is a very important element of every event we do. The presentation and taste is everything. I love when we can incorporate food presentation as part of the tabletop design. For instance, building custom concession stand and restaurant facades/installations.

Events by RHC: Yes, we also love it when you do that! So creative and so custom for every client and every party.

Jen Gould Exactly.

Events by RHC: How do you encourage clients to use seasonality to their benefit? Do you suggest different kinds of flowers for different seasons? Which flowers for which seasons?

Jen Gould: It is always best to work with flowers that are at the height of their beauty when they are in season, so to answer your question; yes, we suggest different flowers based on season. Although most flowers that clients will request such as orchids, roses, hydrangea, and more are generally available year-round.


Jen Gould Headshot

Events by RHC: What is your favorite part of the planning process?

Jen Gould: Since I focus on event design, I only take on events with event planners and leave the planning to them. As for the design process I love every part, seeing the design evolve from our initial concept to actual installation.

Events by RHC: And what an evolution it is. Truly spectacular. What are some qualities in a dream client? What kinds of people do you like working with?

Jen Gould: I adore working with people that are excited about how their event will look and feel based on the overall design. We specialize in making people happy as we help them celebrate milestone events in their lives. I love clients I can collaborate with to develop their dream wedding or special occasion.

Events by RHC: Do you think there are design elements that can make or break a party? If so, what?

Jen Gould: Yes, absolutely…specialty chairs are a must, rather than using chairs provided by the venue. Other things that make a party include: ceiling treatments, furniture, lighting is key, along with custom dance floor, custom bars, custom everything…it’s all in the details and every detail matters, but even more so all of these design elements must be done right because at the end of the day all of these things that can make a party, can also break a party if not done properly.

Events by RHC: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Jen Gould: Be honest and true to yourself and do what you love.

Events by RHC: Excellent advice. Who were some of your inspirations and/or mentors in the events industry?

Jen Gould: My biggest inspiration and mentor is my mother.

Events by RHC: Do you have a favorite event you’ve ever worked on?

Jen Gould: There have been so many wonderful events it’s hard to pick just one. They all mean so much to me as I pour my heart and soul into each event, I’m always sad when they are over. As each year passes, they just keep getting better and better. I’m excited for what this year has in store. Stay tuned…

Events by RHC: Exciting! Well best of luck as we kick into busy season and thanks again for chatting with us.

Jen Gould: Thank YOU! Anytime.

A flower-decorated table by Jen Gould

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