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March – The Glasshouse

Events by RHC prides itself on partnering with some of NYC’s most unique and spectacular venues. The Glasshouse is one of the newer kids on the events block. Completed in 2021, this space is known for transforming experiences and applying leading services standards to deliver remarkable events.

Their accommodating approach, versatile design, and unmatched infrastructure, allow for elevated planning creativity, guest service, and contemporary experiences. The Glasshouse offers a unique ability to host imaginative, impactful, and engaging next level events, tailored to your needs. The space is located centrally in Midtown, walking distance from the heart of the Central Business District of NYC.

This versatile space can accommodate a wide range of events; including but not limited to, weddings, Mitzvahs, milestone celebrations, corporate events and holiday parties. Perfect for events of larger scale, here is the full breadth of capacities for the many spaces within The Glasshouse.

Full Event Space: 30,000 square feet

  • Capacity: 1,850
  • Includes The Suite, The Studio, and The Gallery

The Suite: 14,000 square feet

  • Capacity: 1,850 (theater) / 1,380 (cocktails) / 725 (banquet)

The Studio: 10,900 square feet

  • Capacity: 1,500 (theater) / 1,050 (cocktails) / 920 (banquet)

West Bays: 5,800 square feet

  • Capacity: 800 (auditorium) / 580 (cocktails) / 375 (banquet)

East Bays: 5,100 square feet

  • Capacity: 725 (auditorium) / 510 (cocktails) / 325 (banquet)

The Gallery:  4,300 square feet

  • Capacity: 850 (standing) / 430 (cocktails)


  • North: 2,000 square feet
    • Capacity of 400 (standing) / 200 (cocktails)
  • South: 1,700 square feet
    • Capacity of 340 (standing) / 170 (cocktails)


Events by RHC is proud to be a preferred catering partner at The Glasshouse.